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Howdy folks, it's that time again! Show up in teamspeak at the scheduled time to join in on the monthly community officer meeting. All community members are invited, but do understand that input will be mostly limited to the officers in interest of timeliness.

If you're an officer and haven't confirmed your attendance already (or wish to add more to the itinerary), click here! 
Just a quick shout out to dev team members xDenis and CyanAwesome for their awesome work on the new website theme! Give these fellas a virtual bro-fist next time you see 'em in TS, their hard work is what keeps this place fresh and sexy looking.

Thanks again guys!

Obersturmfuhrer OfficerSupporting! HUZZAH. Screen bro-fisted.
Dicerson Member *pounded that brofist, broke my monitor*
DontTemptMe OfficerDEV Yes....., it went from white to black.
TS and Minecraft servers are down temporarily due to a local power outage. Use the backup TS for now.
stephen1059 OfficerMember Gave me enough time to catch you in level on ESO > ...
Mavrik120 OfficerMember Everything's back online. I did the only thing I could do when there was no power at home... went to the bar and got dru ...
Ubache Member my house lost power for 9 days this last winter :X shit sucked
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