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As per my announcement at the last community meeting (and upon our reaching 500 members), the Planetside 2 division will now be hosting monthly recruitment contests!

What does this mean to you? This means a shot at a spare $20 (that's right, TWENTY WHOLE DOLLARS!) in steam cash each month, starting today (this amount can be converted into station cash if you use the steam version of Planetside)!

Now, what's the best way to win this moolah you ask? RECRUIT, RECRUIT, RECRUIT! Don't forget, in order to have your referrals counted they need to have sent in an application on the website in addition to being recruited in-game.

(Pro tip: those who squad lead generally are remembered the most in referrals. If you want to be rated to officially squad lead for VCO and wear the squad leader tags, step up to lead during the next OPs and a senior lead will evaluate your performance).

If any questions, comments, or concerns, feel free to post below.

jjamiel M All squad leads need to remember, when informing recruits about the online application tell them to put jjamiel as the o ...
Stormpaw O In the application form on the website, it asks who recruited you, simple as :3 ...Also that banners out of date, it's ...
DampedThrone87 M How do you guys who recruited someone?

As I explained to the gathered community over my phone's TeamSpeak app while racing to a rehearsal, I am anouncing my plans to step down from the postion of Community Lead.

This is a decision based soley from going-ons in my personal life, good going-ons! Being a jazz muscian, radio personality, and son of an immigrant family, time has become too precious of a commodity - a commodity that will not become bountiful by summer again thanks to internships and jobs. The simple truth is, the Voodoo experiement has become too good of an idea to be in the hands of someone who isn't constantly thinking of ways to better it, nuture it, and reap its benefits.

From this self-evident truth, I have decided to pass leadership reigns on to fresh hands.

Those hands belong to Hatsunemiki. Despite leaving VCO for a short period of time, his decision to come back is proof of loyalty. And the manner in which he chose to come back was telling as well. His boderline-Canadian sense of positivity, understanding, and friendliness deserve to be the face of this Company. His training videos display a level of professionalism and organization necessary to keep things running. And his penchant for taking challenges head-on, gracefully and honestly accepting the mistakes, and building off of them in a quick and obvious manner is a process few in all of internet video games will follow (and most of which reside here).

From these self-evident...uh...evidences, I have chosen Hatsunemiki. In our next Community Meeting (scheduled for June 21st), we will begin with a formal inauguration ceremony complete with swearing in, speeches, and dancing.

It also goes without saying that there were several others more than qualified for the position of Community Lead as well. However, I believed naming Hatsunemiki Community Lead while leaving all others in their given supporting roles was the absolute best formula possible for this goup. (This is a politician's way of saying "I could only pick one person.")

It has been almost exactly one year since our first Community Lead and Founding Father Chris handed me the job, and since then I have presided over astonishing peaks and depressing lows. Feel free to take credit for the former and blame me for the latter, because regardless of all that's happened, the story still continues; and with a clearer sense of who the characters are and the ideas they represent. For this - and this only - I will accept the glory.


2nd Community Lead of the Voodoo Shipping Company

7percent M Hopefully we will see around though? Right?! Even if we don't, you left a massive mark on this community. It will not b ...
XDenis O I cannot say what an honor it has been to have you Captain as a community lead, As always we are your friends and as the ...
jjamiel M Thank you for your service good sir. I wish you well in all your future indevours and hope to still see you around on PS ...

Announcement of Retirement

Posted Tue at 10:36
As I explained to the gathered community over my phone's TeamSpeak app while racing to a rehearsal, I am anouncing my plans to step down from the post...

As re-scheduled, we'll be holding our monthly commnuity meeting precisely 7 days late at 18:00 EST in the TeamSpeak's Meeting Room.

We've got plenty of big announcements, so come out if you can!

Stormpaw O Why do I always worry when someone says 'Big announcements' it's like saying 'We have to talk'

I've had a lot of people contact me in private about the Community Meeting conflicting with Mother's Day.

This was an administrative oversight on my part. I am pushing the meeting back by a full week to 5/17, SAME TIME, SAME PLACE.

If you still can, take your mother out somewhere nice!

Hatsunemiki O Yay! This means I will definitely be able to make it as that Sunday is sorta a special one for VCO and I'm going to lead ...
Stormpaw O American mothers day always makes me panic, I see shit like this and think "Crap! haven't got me mam anything, what ...
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