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Hey folks, starting today and going for about the next two months, I will be offering nightly (yes, nightly) squad leader training sessions 8 PM through 9 PM Eastern on all non-OPs nights.

These sessions will consist of no more than twelve individuals, in which the first twenty minutes will consist of VR demonstrations and practice and followed by forty minutes of live application. All trainees will be rotated throughout the session, giving everyone a chance at the helm.

Take advantage of this while you can! Also do note: there will be nights where my evenings are taken by the lady friend, and it's completely unpredictable when this will be (weekends are most likely though). In the event of this or other absences, I'll be posting as such in the inactivity forum.

See here for the (slightly outdated) training agenda. All new technical information will be filled in during training.

If any questions comments or concerns, comment here!


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jjamiel M That will look good on hossin and amerish. I'm just saying though, that was written very beautifully. You should be a wr ...

We Need Your Votes, Again.

Vote Here!

There have been a few concerns raised over the 'first past the post' vote method used to choose our outfit camo, so we're re-counting the votes using the 'alternative vote' system. This means we need you lovely people to vote again, everyone gets one overall vote consisting of three choices from your most to least favorite. This means that if your favourite/primary choice gets the least votes, it can be eliminated and your votes aplied to your next choice down the line, rather than a focused minority winning over a scattered majority (as in 9 votes winning in a 30ish vote pool)

So, if you want a say, click that link and make your opinion known, help us choose something that the most members possible can be happy with!

Vote Here!

Ladies and gents, do you want to look fashionable? Do you want the eyes of your enemies to burn with fear at the very sight of your sexy bod as they know it belongs to the fighting forces of Voodoo Company? Do you want the last thought that passes through that VS or TR you just dropped to be "dang, that guy looks hawt"? 

If so, then please cast your vote for the next offical VCO Outfit Camo! Gone are the days of Indesert, we now have eight new camos to choose from. 

Hop on VR Training and see which one you like best and then cast your vote using the link below. Our new outfit camo is by no means manditory, but highly encouraged as it supports team bonding.


umidontknow M This Will be taken down at 22:00 cst on Wednesday the 25th. (today) Don't miss this opportunity to be heard. The running ...


cfschris OSupporting! posted Mar 13, 15

Hey folks,

So we've been MUCH better as of late with Teamspeak usage, but there's just one thing we need to take note of:

IDLING! We've recently removed the AFK timer on the server, so you can idle in AFK indefinitely. What good does this do? Well, it encourages more activity in the non-AFK channels, because just seeing that number of people higher in server, active or not, actually does wonders for online retention and interaction.

Source? Trust me, I'm a doctor. It happens because it just do. So get on Teamspeak and stay there! Do your part!

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