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Holy sweet Space Jesus, people......

82 referrals in the last month alone. I was hoping that we'd top last month, but this exceeded anything I was expecting! This is wild!

Anyhoo, here's our top recruiters for the past month (July 22 - Aug 22) and the subsequent winner of our monthly $20 steam cash giveaway (convertable to DBG!):

Runner ups in order of most numbers recruited are......

CaptainInArms (12), BILLLLLLLLLL (8), myself (8), Titanfall (7), Hatsunemiki (6), Stormpaw (2), Peahats (1), Dicerson (1), and Marcus Caldwell (1).

Awesome stuff, all. We really appreciate it!

And of your winner (you guessed it!) is once again Infinint, coming in at a whopping 35 referrals! Congrats, enjoy your steam cash!

EDIT: Already winning last month's doubled prize, Infinint has graciously chosen to roll it over to next month. That's a $40 prize for next month's top recruiter! Make it you, refer folks to the website for signup today!

Ladies and gents of Voodoo, mark your calenders for the first ever Community G-Mod Night! Friday, August 28th at 8:00pm EST. To celebrate the end of summer for many, Voodoo Company has purchased no less than 10 copies of Garry's Mod for our most favourite people in the whole world (that's you, jackass). 

If you want to participate in the event but need a copy of G-Mod, send a PM to either Hatsunemiki or CaptainInArms no later than 10:30pm EST on Tuesday, August 25th. The only string attached is to either play with us on Friday or give us your first born... I hope the answer is obvious, I don't have much more room in my baby closet. 

If you haven't been following the forums (shame on you), then you might not have known that VCO recently updated it's community logo to our classic "V for Voodoo" design (arguably the logo which most people know us by, anyway).

And so, the Voodoo Doll Postage Stamp has been retired. If you loved that design so much that this comes as a shock, fear not! You can commemorate it with community merchandise; said stamp will still be offered on our Zazzle store swag for a limited time (see: however long it takes for me to update all the items with the new logo).

Voted for one of the other two finalists? Not to worry! Those will be uploaded to the store as well. Expect a news post or slide rotation once everything is ready.

Thanks to all who participated in the contest :)

Shahnewaz M This looks beautiful!
Stormpaw OSupporting! Lets get this sexy mother fucker on some swag. T-SHIRTS!

Hey fellas, a few days late on counting up all the referrals, and for good reason. There was a mountain of applications in the last month! I'm talking 50+ in just one month! Stellar stuff!

I'd like to congratulate our winner, Infinint, as our monthly top recruiter. Not only did he bring in an avalanche of new recruits, but 14 applicants referred to him directly by name (and no doubt many more for those who didn't remember his name). So congrats, enjoy your $40 steam cash!

But he wasn't alone in his efforts, last month was a close one! Runner ups include Titanfall with 8 referrals, CaptainInArms and Hatunemiki with 6 respectively, and with AlphaOutShadow, FroNinja, BurntDevil, Kaeyun, Trisquit, Olivero, and KypAstar making up the rest.

Good month, people. Let's see if we can top it next month!

PHX/DREV Joint Ops

CaptainInArms O posted Jul 25, 15


Sunday, August 2nd
20:00-22:00 EST

A new initiative to repair the broken relationships and unite the disparate Outfits of the Emerald New Conglomerate has begun.

In a stunning display of trust and cooperation, the leaders of Phoenix Battalion and Digital Revolution have agreed to spend their precious game time with us.

Take part in this new chapter for the Emerald NC and discover the true potential of Planetside 2.

For Outfit. For faction. For server. For game.
For god and country. We'll never be tamed.
VCO lead the way! VCO lead the way!


Epistimi M The only good Vanu is a dead Vanu!
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