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Hey fellas, a few days late on counting up all the referrals, and for good reason. There was a mountain of applications in the last month! I'm talking 50+ in just one month! Stellar stuff!

I'd like to congratulate our winner, Infinint, as our monthly top recruiter. Not only did he bring in an avalanche of new recruits, but 14 applicants referred to him directly by name (and no doubt many more for those who didn't remember his name). So congrats, enjoy your $40 steam cash!

But he wasn't alone in his efforts, last month was a close one! Runner ups include Titanfall with 8 referrals, CaptainInArms and Hatunemiki with 6 respectively, and with AlphaOutShadow, FroNinja, BurntDevil, Kaeyun, Trisquit, Olivero, and KypAstar making up the rest.

Good month, people. Let's see if we can top it next month!

PHX/DREV Joint Ops

CaptainInArms O posted Sat at 22:14


Sunday, August 2nd
20:00-22:00 EST

A new initiative to repair the broken relationships and unite the disparate Outfits of the Emerald New Conglomerate has begun.

In a stunning display of trust and cooperation, the leaders of Phoenix Battalion and Digital Revolution have agreed to spend their precious game time with us.

Take part in this new chapter for the Emerald NC and discover the true potential of Planetside 2.

For Outfit. For faction. For server. For game.
For god and country. We'll never be tamed.
VCO lead the way! VCO lead the way!


Epistimi M The only good Vanu is a dead Vanu!

We need more leads!

cfschris OSupporting! posted Jul 18, 15

Hey folks,

Due to recent influx of new recruits and members within the Planetside outfit, we need more leads to accomodate the increased activity!

A solid number of new, community-active squad leaders and platoon leaders are needed. If interested, see thread here to get yourself started!

XDenis O Aye
AlphaOutshadow M I'm trying! lol
titanfall14641 MSupporting! Please more leads!!!


re-vive (verb)

1. to make (someone or something) strong, healthy, or active again

2. to become strong, healthy, or active again

3. to bring (something) back into use or popularity

In video games, players are often given a chance to revive fallen teammates in the heat of battle. Left 4 Dead, Gears of War, Final Fantasy, Battlefield, Planetside 2. After every round or match, everything instantly resets. Every wound is healed. Ever scar is erased. Every memory of the previous fight is wiped from the character's mind. Call of Duty, Team Fortress 2, GoldenEye, Dirty Bomb. For many of us online soldiers, we fight every day. We die every day. We revive every day. We reset every day.

But contrary to popular opinion, there does exist a world beyond video games, and these soldiers don't quite have those luxuries. Arms, legs, organs, and faces don't come back. Neither do fallen friends. Yet the memories do, and they almost always find a way to degrade - and in the worst of cases, destroy - a warrior's will to fight the seemingly eternal battles of being home.

We must find a way to revive the soldier's most valued asset: their will.

Through jobs, psychiatric help, family support, and more, some very enterprising people already have.


June 28th - September 27th

Operational Objectives

Voodoo Shipping Company is undertaking this mission to:

- Give back what little we can to the soldiers that have fought for our freedom to create a community such as this.

- Inform VCO members of those soldiers' wounds both visible and invisible.

The Charities

Three civilian charities have been selected to represent the three most popular countries of origin of VCO's members. Each link explains their mission and how they directly help service members in a myriad of ways.

How to Donate

Effective immediately, every cent donated to the VCO "Community Contributions" box on the main page will go to Operation: Eternal Revive. On September 27th (one week after that month's community meeting), the total amount accumulated will be evenly split three-ways between the three charities.

If you have ANY questions whatsoever, we will gladly field them. This is your money, and these are their lives.

Merrydownjade M Amazing Idea good to see!

Operation: Eternal Revive

Posted Jun 28, 15
Preface re-vive (verb) 1. to make (someone or something) strong, healthy, or active again 2. to become strong, healthy, or active again ...
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