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re-vive (verb)

1. to make (someone or something) strong, healthy, or active again

2. to become strong, healthy, or active again

3. to bring (something) back into use or popularity

In video games, players are often given a chance to revive fallen teammates in the heat of battle. Left 4 Dead, Gears of War, Final Fantasy, Battlefield, Planetside 2. After every round or match, everything instantly resets. Every wound is healed. Ever scar is erased. Every memory of the previous fight is wiped from the character's mind. Call of Duty, Team Fortress 2, GoldenEye, Dirty Bomb. For many of us online soldiers, we fight every day. We die every day. We revive every day. We reset every day.

But contrary to popular opinion, there does exist a world beyond video games, and these soldiers don't quite have those luxuries. Arms, legs, organs, and faces don't come back. Neither do fallen friends. Yet the memories do, and they almost always find a way to degrade - and in the worst of cases, destroy - a warrior's will to fight the seemingly eternal battles of being home.

We must find a way to revive the soldier's most valued asset: their will.

Through jobs, psychiatric help, family support, and more, some very enterprising people already have.


June 28th - September 27th

Operational Objectives

Voodoo Shipping Company is undertaking this mission to:

- Give back what little we can to the soldiers that have fought for our freedom to create a community such as this.

- Inform VCO members of those soldiers' wounds both visible and invisible.

The Charities

Three civilian charities have been selected to represent the three most popular countries of origin of VCO's members. Each link explains their mission and how they directly help service members in a myriad of ways.

How to Donate

Effective immediately, every cent donated to the VCO "Community Contributions" box on the main page will go to Operation: Eternal Revive. On September 27th (one week after that month's community meeting), the total amount accumulated will be evenly split three-ways between the three charities.

If you have ANY questions whatsoever, we will gladly field them. This is your money, and these are their lives.

Merrydownjade M Amazing Idea good to see!

As of this writing, I have less than three days to serve as your Community Lead, but today’s events are too important to be trivialized by a shortness of time.

This morning here in America, I turned on the morning news and was greeted with John Williams’ “Special Report” theme coupled with the stark red background and bold white lettering.

 Immediately, my mind went to the worst.

Chicago under attack?

President incapacitated?

Economic collapse?

 Every time I’ve heard this theme, somebody has been killed.


Boston Bombings

Sandy Hook Massacre

Death of Bin Laden

Ferguson Riots


But no. Not this fucking time.

It was love. Plastered all over my TV screen.

The United States of America has finally – after all of its selfish delays – recognized the right to love.


Today it dawned on me that we are more than “just a videogames community”. We are a community that is curious about the wide world around us. From Chris’ escapades in a supersonic jet, to CharlesRamsey’s musings on life, to Yuri’s transformation into a furry, and to Storm and Merry’s trials as a gay/transgender couple. This community exists and has existed to strive to learn more than we know, simply because we wanted to.


Learn from today. As a lesson for the rest of your lives.

Learn how a marginalized minority patiently but firmly waited for today to come.

Learn how peaceful defiance and calm, intelligent reasoning won the argument.

Learn how civil rights history is unfolding around you, just as it did in the 1960s.


Learn how a country learned to love.

- CaptainInArms

Community Lead


Planetside 2 Inactivity Sweep

cfschris OSupporting! posted Jun 24, 15

Hey folks, we'll be doing an inactivity sweep of our PS2 roster tonight or tomorrow, and this post is to inform you of what exactly that entails.

An inactivy sweep consists of simply booting all members and recruits who haven't logged in over the past two months as well not posting a heads up in the inactivity forum. The current count is somewhere in the field of 200-300, so don't be alarmed if the outfit roster seems smaller than usual on your next log-in.

What happens if you're one of those kicked and you're just now reading this notice? Simple. All you have to do is simply reapply in-game, then send me or any platoon leads and above a private message. We'll process your app and put you back to your old rank lickety split!

Alrighty folks, I said we'd be doing it, and we've done it! The results of our first monthly PS2 recruitment steam cash giveaway (for the period of May 22 - Jun 22) are as follows:

First place: Myself, with two referrals (and not needing the prize, I'm deferring it - see below)

And a tie for second between Yuri, Titanfall, Tron9, and somebody named/sounds like Jarvis who was leading one of our platoons? (Not too sure on that last one).

Anyhoo, that's our tally folks! Other notable mentions was Google.com at a tally of 3 and "I don't remember/no one" at a tally of 5.


Being this months winner, I hereby elect to forfeit the reward and roll it over into next month's recruitment tally, making for a grand total of $40 steam cash! That's just about enough for any brand new game on the market or a buttload of station cash!

RECRUIT TODAY! And don't forget to remind them that YOU sent em!

YuriKitsuneArashi MSupporting! I havent even been on for 2 weeks! how?
titanfall14641 M Damn, I've been recruiting hard, but people need to know it was me. forgot about that, will ask them to do it next time ...

Due  to Sunday 6/21 being Father's Day, we're going to push back the Inauguration/Community Meeting back by a whole week to Sunday 6/28.

Please, go out and celebrate/honor your father or father figure!

Stormpaw O Well at least I can make that date a whole hell of a lot easier.
CaptainInArms O Sorry Hatsun :(
Hatsunemiki O Dammit, I took time off for this No worries, enjoy daddy day, gents. ...
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