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We're finally all on one server. I've set it up so the same ts3.voodooshipping.net address should direct you to the new server but that will take a bit to go into effect. Until the redirect works, use www.voodoocompany.net:9122. Again, this is the new primary TS3 server for ALL VCO members.
Throughout this past month, several members and officers have off-handedly mentioned their curiosity in what direction Voodoo Shipping Company is currently going. When I first became Community Lead, it was transition - in terms of structuring and how we perceived things. When WDS hit Planetside and we held a mass abstention from the MMO, it was expansion - specifically into (at the time) new, exciting games.

With the Miscellaneous Games being unclear in their potential (ARMA bust, limits of LoL, StarCitizen years away) and our PS2 Outfit taking a much more quality-minded stance, the Company is now in the midst of consolidation. The TeamSpeak issues - which we are continuing to work on - will resolve, and MineCraft will eventually find its groove. Once these things happen, we will be carrying on a status quo with no major, over-arching plans.

Some may view this as stagnation or decadence, and they have the potential to be right. But that's not how the Company rolls. From contributor gifts to Dice Ops/Karaoke Ops (not to mention a slowly growing YouTube library) to MineCraft server exploration to our ServerSmash streak, our prerogative to a new level of gaming community maintains. It is our very culture - since Chris' first envisioning of the outfit - to take opportunities when they present themselves.

And that's why it's our game to lose ladies and gentlemen! Take this time to entertain that sense of inward manifest destiny, to satisfy that need for online glory and camaraderie unique to the realms of gaming groups. Engage in welcoming conversation, speak your mind on the forums, engage us on Twitter, see what other games folks are interested in, and make this the fun place you want it to be.

I will continue to strive to do these things and more. With the Company behind me, I just might have some fun along the way.

- The Captain
KiltedKey Member Here here! I joined this community around nine months ago, and I could not be happier. Seventy BRs, over five hundred ho ...
               The Conglomerate Columnist                                                                                                      October 12th, 2014

68-29 Miller


The free forces of Emerald have done it again! Just five seconds before Miller found itself warpgated, the match ended in glorious liberation of the Amerish continent. The score sets a record victory gap for Emerald, who have never trounced the opposition so well since the server's genesis.

While the map stayed in hot contention for a half hour after the match began, things began to fall apart across the entire front once Tumas Tech Plant was captured under nail-biting heavy fire.

After the battle ended, the victorious Emerald marched into the Miller warpgate and raised the NC flag over the Arc d'1337. VCO's Ron Paul Rangers fronted the march formation. Ranger TheAznDoctor said "It was a blowout. Once we warded off the first couple of waves of Europeans, we knew we were going to-".

The soldier was cutoff from our interview when a mob of beautiful French women tackled him to the ground and promptly began removing clothing.

jsnipy Member well done
Stormpaw Officer That, ladies and gentlemen, is what we call a Roflstomp.
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